My Cloud (Gen 2) not discovered by WD Discovery utility

I have the WD Discovery tool set to discover all devices on my network. It immediately discovers a MyBookLive drive. It eventually discovers my router. It never discovers my MyCloud (Gen2) drive. Windows sees the drive so I’m pretty sure this is not a problem with UPnP. I’m running firmware version 2.21.111 - the current version.

I’ve never found the WD Discovery utility particularly useful, but I’m concerned that it does not discover this device - concerned it may be a problem with the drive rather than the utility. Is there any known problem with wither the drive or utility?


The WD Discovery Utility is now EOL and may not detect My Cloud devices released after the last version date of WD Discovery.

Ok. I’ll uninstall the program. I’m glad it’s not a problem with the MyCloud drive.

The product description says WD Discovery does not work with some older devices. It would be nice if it also said it may not work with some newer devices, too.

You need the WD Access software.

I want a good description of WD Access before I install it again. I briefly installed and ran it yesterday. It immediately started doing something beyond just discovering my two NAS drives. At the very least, I suddenly had two shares on MyCloud that I had deleted earlier.

The blurb for the utility states "This is a utility that will discover your WD Cloud device on your network and provide you tools for uploading files, access to the WD Cloud dashboard and other shortcut features. "

I don’t know what “provide you tools for uploading files” is about, but I already have the tools (and shares) I need for uploading files.

WD Access replaces the older software WD Quikview, but both can run in parallel on the same machine.
WD Access doesn’t install shares, WD Sync does.

Also when installing WD Access one can skip the installation step where it offers up the option to upload files to the My Cloud. Once WD Access is installed there should be (for Windows) an icon for the program in the Task Bar area. One right clicks on that icon and any found My Cloud should be listed. Here is an example (using a Gen 1 My Cloud) of the WD Access program.

Oops. I had installed and uninstalled a couple WD utilities a couple days ago and got them mixed up. WD Access I uninstalled because I didn’t want it running in the background all the time.

I just reinstalled it again to give it a try and saw I could easily shut it down. I was pleased until it said it was installing new firmware in one of the WD devices. I shut the PC down to stop it, rebooted, and immediately uninstalled it. I never want anything to automatically upgrade firmware. I’ll do it myself. Plus both my MyBookLive and McCloud claim they are up to date so I have no idea what Access was trying to do.

I also reinstalled QuickView and see I can shut it down, too. So I’ll leave it installed. But I would much rather have a utility that I start from a desktop icon and stop when I’m done with it.

Generally the Access program won’t upgrade the firmware (AFAIK), instead what you probably saw was an alert message issued by the My Cloud (or other WD device) that had previously performed an upgrade of some type.

The Access program will pop up messages from the alert messages the My Cloud generates, this may include reboot messages the My Cloud logs when it is restarted.