My Cloud: Forgot to unsync when sold the laptop

Hi All,

I have My Cloud NAS drive at my home. I used to use the WD Sync to sync a bunch of folders.
Recently i sold my laptop but forgot to unsync these folders.
Now i see all my folders on My cloud deleted.

Please help on how can i retrieve the data? Needless to say these data are very important.
I understand that the deleted data is stored in my cloud and i am dying to find out on how to retrieve it. (Please note that the laptop sold can’t be retrieved).

Request communities’ help to solve this and retrieve lost data.


Hello, sudhir.txn,

Well, I understand the concern and I’m sorry to inform you that Sync is not ab backup however you may refer to the given link that may be useful for you.

Or you should try contacting WD’s Technical Support about this.

To Contact WD for Technical Support