My cloud folder setup

Hey guys,

I’m really interested in purchasing the 3TB My cloud product as it looks like a great piece of kit & I really need to free up space on my laptop and share files between machines at home.

My only is I read a review stating that there isn’t any way to organise files into folders which I thought sounded ridiculous but wanted to check before making the purchase.

I use a Mac & Macbook and was hoping the app worked in a similar way to dropbox with the folder syncing/organisation. Would anybody be able to confirm this for me or maybe have any images on how the folder view looks?

Thanks in advance!

I use a windows PC so the display for a Mac & Macbook will probably be incorrect.

To answer the Folder question:

  1. You can setup “Shares” are on the My cloud. IE “Apps”, My Vacation", “Documents”, etc…
  2. Within the shares are your files and folders (if you uploaded a folder)
  3. They can be viewed-deleted-updated, at least on a PC, as if they were a Directory (Shares on the My Cloud) and folders as you uploaded them. All files within the folders are viewable.
  4. There is “Smartware” that can be loaded to do Backups from your PC to the My Cloud. It is configurable.
  5. You use “Safepoint” to backup your My Cloud to another device.

Hope this helps

I suspect that comment was about DLNA content and this is more a client issues as some DLNA devices don’t use folders

Thanks all,

I went ahead and made the purchase.

I’m very please so far with it’s capabilities and running my own network for sharing content; it can lag from time to time but nothing major.

Thanks for the help!