My Cloud Folder can be accessed from app but not.from network issue

I had to do the 40 second reboot because an ■■■■■ I know unplugged the main router. I had an issue.before.when an specific folder would not open saying wdmd needed to give me.permission. i fixed it before but forgot how.

Hi @Bonoman,

Please refer to below link to check 40 Second Reset:

You know, it’s very sad to see that “40 second reset” is ALL that you recommend to all your customers and users. I Called your tech support and that’s ALSO what they recommend…GUESS WHAT??? I READ INSTRUCTIONS…That did NOT resolver the issue. Your freaking update to OS5 has been a disaster…I have tried everything and the folder I need STILL does not open. So if you have a solutions for it…great! Reach out to me, but if all you have to say its “40 second reset” so you can let this thread die and you can say: oh at least I did something and I hope it fixes the issue…DONT EVEN BOTHER…