My Cloud + External Encrypted Hard Drive?

Hi guys,

new here. Just got my hand on a new 2Tb My Cloud and need some advises.

I work mainly on my laptop using a external HDD.

At this point I intend to continue to use the HDD daily and backup data using My Cloud that is also available online.

My questions are:

  1. Because My Cloud is AED encrypted but my HDD is not i would like to work with a Encrypted HDD, or at least encrypt some folder.

Can I use a encrypted HDD and sync it to My Cloud or My Cloud wont like it?

  1. What’s the best sync solution to sync my HDD to My Cloud?


The My Cloud will take any type of file, encrypted or not.

I do not use sync software, but a quick search in the forum should provide you some information.

Tnks lluna :+1:

So the question is to find a good app that can be used in android and in pc windows so i can acess data in cell to.

Also that allows to create a crypted folder on the SD card…any ideas?