My Cloud (EX4100) Strange Local Networking Issue

A strange networking issue…

The network typography is: a Motorola modem from my ISP, attached to a Cisco router, attached to a Cisco switch.

The Cisco router binds a static ip address (192…; outside the DHCP range) to the EX4100’s MAC address.

All wires attached to the Cisco switch are home runs.

One of the home runs has a Cisco hub attached.

Whether the EX4100 dashboard sets the static ip address assigned by the router, or uses DHCP, the following occurs (since the router has some network ports, I eliminated the switch as a possible problem by moving the wires for the computer accessing the EX4100, and the EX4100, from the switch to the router–still experienced the same problems):

When the EX4100 is attached to the network on its own home run wire, it assigns itself its own ip address (169…) rather than the correct static ip address. Thus, it is not accessible on the network (ping returns “Destination host unreachable”).

When the EX4100 is attached to the wire with a hub (with a computer attached to the same hub), the EX4100 has the correct static ip address, is addressable, and works fine.

I physcally moved the EX4100 onto the hub as a work around for a project. Now, I need to restore it to its original location. But, that location only has a home-run wire, so the EX4100 will be useless until I solve this ip address issue.

Any advice is greatly appreciated,