My Cloud EX4 - very slow access to drives

Since purchasing my EX4 I have had continuing speed of access issues. I have attached the device through my Virgin Media Super-hub and use it to store all of my material. Several documents (spanning 10+ years) are being systematically scanned to the device to eliminate the storage of hardcopy documents. The device has been very slow in its responses and also fails to access the dashboard frequently. I believe this to be an indexing issue and have broken the device down into several (mapped) virtual drives. This increased accessibility for a while but is again slowing down. A complete power-down does seem to reset the indexing and access speeds increase - for about a day. I have reported the issue to WD over the years but have yet to receive a suitable response. Does anyone have useful tips for increasing speed of access to device and files please. I also access the device from 3 workstations and sometimes the issue seems to include device blocking.

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