My Cloud EX4 Laptop sync

Hi There,

I have just bought a Mycloud EX4. What I have setup on my imac and mac book pro is a symbolic link for the Desktop, Doucments and Downloads pointing to the EX4. What I am after is to be able to have the files sync to the laptop when it goes off the network. Is there a way to access the files while off the network other then using the app? I would like to be able to view all my files in their folders other then through the app.

Is setting these folders up as symbolic links on the computer the best way to go? I want it so the files are the same on both my imac and macbook pro.

I look forward to a reply.

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Mac user here as well; bump to follow thread.

I think the freeware app Cyberduck supports WebDav SYNC I’m not sure if this would the be the way to go I’m still working trial and error w/ this as well.  

another suggestion I stumbled across. 

On most OSs you can mount a share as a folder. Could you just do that and use a standard syncing tool like rsync to sync it with a local folder when available?

I’ve spent almost all day trying to work this out. What would be the best way for me to have it so when I’m home the Documents, Desktop and Downloads are the same across both my imac and mac book pro. Then when I take the laptop off the network to a different location I can still access all the files still.