My Cloud EX2

I need to unplug the My cloud drive when working at home as the unit interferes with my cell phone. When I plug the storage device back, the system does not automatically back up files I worked on today.
Two questions:
Is there a way to stop the interference of hte signal so that I am able to use the phone with out unplugging the WD My CLoud EX2.

How do I set up an automatic back up… This is totally new to me and Im not super literate with the computer…

Unless faulty it shouldn’t significantly affect mobile (cell) phones, even if you have a pretty weak signal. It wouldn’t get through FCC and other approvals otherwise. Mine doesn’t and I have a rubbish mobile signal due to the steel structure of the building I live in. If faulty the problem could either be in the EX2 itself or the plug in (“wall-wart”) power supply.

When you “unplug” it, and the interference stops or reduces, are you unplugging the plug-in PSU from the mains or are you just pulling the power lead out of the back of the main unit?