My Cloud EX2 Ultra Save Issue

I have a My Cloud EX2 Ultra and have a problem with files not updating when I save them. I have it setup as a network drive. When I open up a file from my computer and edit it, then save it, it retains the previously save copy and not the updates. The updates do not save. I tried to update the file on my computer and then overwrite the file on the NAS and it still does not work. The only way that it works is to edit the file on my desktop and save it as another name on the NAS.

The problem is not consistent. If I overwrite the changes and save enough times, it will eventually save the changes. This is only happening, that I have noticed, on a PDF that I update. I have a very reliable experience with Excel, no problems just editing Excel files directly on the drive.

Someone has to have something?

Still nothing? I would really like some help with this…

Bad response here. I guess WD doesn’t like money.

Almost a month and no response? WOW!