My Cloud Ex2 Ultra Login Issues & More

I really just want to vent some steam that has been percolating for far too long now.

I have had the most frustrating time with the WD My Cloud Ex2 Ultra.

Usually you will find me over researching products, especially tech stuff. It is obvious I did not investigate this device enough before purchasing. I am kicking myself for not talking the Best Buy clerk into taking it back when I returned a hard drive I mistakenly bought for it.

It is one of if not the most frustrating experiences with tech devices I have ever had. It is marketed like its a toaster and is confusing, clunky, brutally unsafe and more. I’m actually fairly tech savvy but this device so far is terrible.

While after countless hours I have managed to get it working to some degree, the overall lack of ease of use is highly frustrating especially when it is marketed as a plug and play device.

So currently the problem I am facing is, I can’t login to the device!!! I can login to the admin panel, but when I click the Network folder it wont let me login. I’m the ■■■■ admin, what is this things problem?

There are no other connections, nobody else is connected to the thing. Do I have to turn off every other device in the vicinity and reboot my computer every ■■■■ time I want to access my files?

So I create a user and they login and then when I do I get booted and cant log back in and I’m the admin. How does that make any sense?

Every flipping day there are login issues. I want out of this device ASAP!!! What a waste of money.

I don’t really want to turn all passwords off, turn on old compromised sharing settings and more just to transfer some fricking files that are best secure and encrypted!!!

What a piece of ■■■■, a pile of junk and garbage. Who do I have to con now to take it off my hands at not too much of a loss, because I assure you, the only way WD is able to move this product is by conning people.

This device ■■■■■.

Don’t buy it.

So at least during the time I vented writing this post the WD box of junk started thinking and figured something out as now for some reason it will let me login.

What a stupid device.

While Wordpress is at least a good tool, what is it with devices and products that need to be secure coming with a default username of “admin”?

Sure lets make our default login “admin” which every hacker knows about and allow them brute force attacks that will eventually work on someones site or device and possibly contaminate and compromise plugins, servers and more?