My Cloud EX2 Ultra driving me nuts

I have tried everything I can think of but cannot resolve this issue. I have a drive with 30k+ images that My Cloud software refuses to synch. It works OK for the first four sub-folders and the files in the primary folder but then presents this message. This is my first time of using this forum so hope the image following appears in the post.

Basically, it says - "unable to sync P:\lightroom\new cat\new cat’

This does not appear anywhere in my system. P:\lightroom is valid but the “new cat” is not.
It stops running sync at this point and the only way I have found to restart it is to pause sync and then resume sync at which point it starts over from the beginning and there are 38k files.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



See the dedicated EX2 Series subforum where people more knowledgeable with that unit may be able to assist or where there may be similar discussions to your issue.

Where is it syncing with?