My Cloud EX2 Ultra Driveless

Hi, I am looking at getting the driveless model as I already have some hard drives but I still want access to all the software that comes with the device. Basically I want to use my hard drives on my Plex without having to have my PC on all the time like I do now. I also saw a review that said the maximum hard drive size is 4TB, is this true. One of the hard drives I would like to use is larger than that. I know there are models of the EX2 that are larger that 8TB so I am quite confused about that.

TLDR: does the driveless model come with software to allow access to plex or is that on the model that comes with drives. Can the hard drives be larger than 4TB each.

Thanks for your time.

Not a lot of users in this forum…

but I’ve recently bought the Diskless model and currently running two 10TB gold WD in it. I’m not sure how well the enclosure will accept other non WD drives but I would always guess it is a hit and miss with WD.

Most stores accepts returns on the diskless EX2 which is my initial requirement before buying. Buy, test and if it fits your requirements then keep.

as to Plex, the software is part of the Dashboard probably installed as an App but this is posted on this forum so definitely Plex is up and running. The rest of the software is usually under WD download area so you don’t have to look far.