My Cloud ex2 stops working

Hello everyone,

I have a My Cloud Ex2 and 2/3 times a week it just hangs, can’t connect with smb or afp or ssh to it … The only thing that works is pulling the power cable. Its a very frustrant situation because I’m not near it everyday and all my files become inaccessible until somebody gets home.

Firmware is 2.11.142, not using any apps on it, no cloud access, only time machine is on also I have a static IP … so i don’t see what I’m doing wrong … Does anyone have any idea ?

Kind regards

Hi, please take a screenshot of the CPU usage and share it, sometimes when this happens might be that the CPU is being used a lot. Also, try to reapply the firmware manually.

Thanks for answering but unfortunately I don’t see how could I take a screenshot of the cpu usage bc I’m locked outside when it hangs and I will try to manually update firmware.

Does this device stores logs anywhere?

Kind regards.

You can generate the logs when you have access to the dashboard, from the support request section.

Well the generated zip file is encrypted I think … I asked for support :frowning:

I am having the exact same problem. This has been intermittently happening to be for the past 10 months or so.

For me, sometimes it is weeks in between locks ups, and then other times it will lock up every other day. I have submitted a support request with a log file.

Same problems… I got also timeouts

Hi everyone, I think I solved the issue, at least for now I didn’t get any more problems (2 weeks). I followed these 40 second instructions, and it now seems to be working:

I believe it’s a bug where parts of the system before the update remain. I say this because the graphical interface has changed a little bit (the capacity wheel now has colours and before it was blue for example). I have to say it has been a difficult road with this device, it’s slow, the time-machine backups are corrupt every other week so I decided to buy another device and use this one for storing non important things …