My Cloud EX2 8TB disks

Hello ,
I have an old 6TB EX2 and interestd to update the disks to new 8TB disks “WD80EFZX” and also connect the old original 2x3TB disks via USB3 Disk boxs to the unit. is the WD80EFZX compatible with my device and can the unit handle it ?


I found this on page #133 of the user’s manual

Important: For best performance, WD recommends inserting WD RedTM hard drive
assemblies into the unit’s enclosure. Visit and search the knowledge
base for Knowledge Base Answer ID 8 to get detailed instructions on obtaining a
replacement drive for this product.

Click the link below to create a support case and send you questions to WD Suppot.

thanks for your answer,red hdds upto 6TB is supported in EX2 enclosure and 8TB according to EX2 Ultra web page is supported in the EX2 ultra
i want to know if new RED 8TB HDDs WD80EFZX are compatible with normal EX2?

Yup, they’re on the list.

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