My cloud drive activation

I got a new computer, I have connected the WD my cloud on to it , but I can not see the drive. How can I activate it?
Many thanks

@Tsatsonis What kind of computer and Operating System do you have? What WD device do you own, is it the My Cloud Home or a My Cloud? You said, “I have connected the WD my cloud on to it”. Is it connected to the computer or your router?

If you have Windows 10 on your computer this may help.

Thanks for response. The computer is a desktop windows 10 And I connected the 2 TB WD My Cloud with Ethernet cable. The issue is that I had similar connection until two weeks ago when I replaced the old PC with a new computer. The old was working OK, just trying to get it to work on the new PC. I think I need to install and run WD software? There is enough space on the WD and I would like to keep the info on WD as it is my backup. Many thanks, Tom