My Cloud doesn't turn itself on

I recently purchased a 2TB WD My Cloud. When it’s running it works exactly how I want… however once I turn it off - it doesn’t turn back on again. At night I turn off my computers and drives etc and so I also turn off the My Cloud. I have been turninging off using the ‘shut down’ option found in the WD Quick View. The problem I have is that when I come to turn everything back on the next day - the My Cloud stays shut down - is it supposed to turn itself back on? As there is no on/off switch on the unit itself, I have to remove and then reinsert the power cable to turn it back on again - surely this is not the way to do it?

Yes, that is how you do it!!

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cat0w (USA)

This NAS is designed to stay on and sleep (it sleeps sporadically though, because there is always some internal activity that it wakes up for within a few mn). There is no way to turn it back on remotely, except to unplug and plug the power cord.