My Cloud DL4100 - Cant set quota over 4TB

We have MC DL4100 with RAID 5 mode and 17TB available capacity, Firmware version 2.10.310
We’re going to set 4TB quota for each user => the system shows updating then I click “configure” to double check the capacity of quota => it’s blank on Quotas field

If I set the quota lower 4TB (example 3TB or 3.5TB) it shall be fine (system shows 3TB or 3.5TB on Quotas field)

Does anyone have the same issue with me? What’s version of the quota tool (integrated on MCDL4100) ?
We cant set quota over 4TB if the quota tool is 32-bit version

What tool? User Quota is part of the User Management within the Web UI of the My Cloud DL.
Please see Page 38 of the My Cloud DL Manual.

Hi Joerg_A,
Thanks for your answer.
Actually, I mean “the quotas feature that integrated in MC DL4100 Dashboard, supports over 4TB or not?”
I cant set quota over 4TB, I want to know why
I also try to find the answer from google, you can type “cant set quota over 4TB”, many results will answer why I made a question relating to 32 or 64bit

Hi @david25

many thanks for rising this issue. It is escalated to the software engineers.

Hi Joerg_A

Do you have any updates?

Hi @david25

we are in progress, yet we scan the codes where the bug appears for the first time.