My Cloud died - format Hard Drive


My MyCloud died this weekend but it looks like I can save the hard drive. It is out of warranty.

I would like to format the drive to use in my desktop pc but I’m not sure how to do this.  I don’t care about losing the data on the drive because it was backed up.  I have installed it into my computer but it can’t read the drive.

Is there a way to wipe the data and format to NTFS using my Windows 7 pc?

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you need do delete the Unix patritions. there are serveral ways to do this, in windows diskpart and I believe another tool that I can’t recall now. WD probably has a low level format/diagnostic tool that can do this or 3rd party tools

the storage/disk management option will allow you to create the new partition(s) and may even allow you to remove the old

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If anyone is interested, I used a free 3rd party tool - MiniTool Partition Wizardas per the advice from larry0.