My Cloud Dashboard - Flash login

I know my username and password.  When I login using a correct username and password it momentarily logs in I see the dashboard and then it flashes back to the sign-on/login page.  It does NOT tell me “Invalid username or password” so I know the credentials are correct.  I can log in via my mobile device with the same username and password and it works.

How do I get around this or fix this?

If you can log in from other devices, then it’s a browser issue. Try with a different browser on your computer.


I have the same problem and have tried IE, Firefox and Chrome; always with the same result; the dashboard appears briefly and then returns to the login page. I saw on another thread that a reboot of the machine can correct this but it doesn’t inspire confidence; I have only had the device for a couple of days!

Same here… I tried safari and chrome as well… still doesn’t work for me. It bounces it back to login panel.