My Cloud creating excessive network traffic

anyone experiencing excessive network traffic with their mycloud DL4100? for reasons unknown to me the mycloud is reaching out to different WD sites but I don’t know why or how to stop it. I have turned off all the cloud services as I don’t use this for cloud enable access its strictly used as a storage device that I can access from my network for archiving images. any help or thoughts are appreciated.

Some basic troubleshooting to approach from the ground-up. You’ve turned off the WD cloud services. Ok, have you shut-down the DL4100 and powered it up since then? Is the data traffic still there?

How do you know your DL4100 is contacting WD’s servers? Do you know what IP addresses your DL4100 is trying to access?

we have firewall logs that are recording the traffic from the device. and I did turn off the WD cloud services. I was told by my security team here are the addresses,. I just found out from my network person the addresse the device was trying to reach are NTP sites so I turned off NTP and just set the time on the local device. it was also trying to go to two amazon servers and those are now blocked. so I think its getting resolved. I tried to remove the two default NTP sites but the system doesn’t allow that so I just turned it off. thanks for your response appreciate it.

Are all the WD apps turned off?

yes those that allow me to turn them off. there is an Amazon app that was added as part of a firmware update but the app doesn’t have the option to disable. this app is constantly trying to connect to a few different AWS servers to run backsup, that I never configured. the other issue is the NTP still, I think the device has a number of NTP sites it trys to connect to when its turned on. I have tuned it off and that does help. my big issue is the Amazon app, poor QC to allow an app without the giving the ability to disable. all the other apps have this included option.

thank you

Ok. NTP servers are safe.I have a preference for the the NTP here:

Tha Amazon app was always there. It’s just that WD decided to move it to the list of apps, but you’re right that’s it’s built in. I’m surprised that it’s contacting amazon even then it’s turned off.

What you could so is install the EntWare app that allows one to install distributions from the EntWare software library, but then you can write a start-up script that will persist between reboots that will run as root and you can use Linux commands to then kill any unwanted processes and even start processes. You would not need to install any software from EntWare’s software library.

Something else… Western Digital, I believe, do not operate their own servers for all the MyCloud stuff. It’s all hosted in the Amazon Cloud. So you’ll be seeing connections to the Amazon Cloud, but it’ll be connections to WD’s software running on the Amazon cloud.

Would that help?

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