My Cloud CPU usage

I use an Intel i5 processor with 12gb RAM and my Mycloud is consuming major chunks of the CPU all the time and making other programs run very slowly: Lightroom or Photoshop.
My cloud is set to continuous backup, only files on one disc need this the rest could have a different plan.
What are my options

The My Cloud is not consuming your computer’s CPU. The My Cloud is a network attached storage device that is independent of your computer. Software you have installed on your computer is what is consuming the CPU usage. You will need to investigate which programs on your computer are resource intensive. Running WD Sync or Smartware will, depending on it’s configuration use computer resources to sync or backup data to the My Cloud.

The WD software is what it is. Lots of complaints about issues with WD Sync. Your options are to investigate using third party software or change the configuration of your installed software. For example users have stopped using WD Sync and use third party programs like Free File Sync (