My Cloud Capacity showing 0kb

An error occured when i copied files though network connection on Windows.  After that the connection failed and Windows found the web location of My Cloud  unrecognized. Then i restarted it but the capacity showed 0KB free and all data lost. i tried the quick test but it passed without any error. How can i get my data back?

What version of Windows do you have? Are you able to provide a screenshot of what is showing?


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cat0w (USA)


Most likely a transient error. Unplug the NAS and plug it back. Verify it shows a blue light. Depending on our settings, the IP address of your NAS might change on your network. In this case, the shortcuts installed during set up will not work any longer.

just cannot establish the connection. But, after several restarts and system-only restore, the problem sovled. i hope it’s just a transient error. Thank you anyway.