My cloud can't create safepoint

I click to create new safepoint from network device.  It finds the device and I log in hit submit and it connects however it doesnt show any shares so I’m stuck.  

What do I do???

It should be showing you the shares before you log in.

So how are you logging in if there are no shares to select?

It says retrieving shares and a login at which point I log in and it accepts credentials but it doesnt give any option other than back or cancel

Hmm. I suppose that means the Mac doesn’t like the credentials.

I don’t have a Mac so I can’t test, but on all of my servers, the shares are listed BEFORE it asks for login.

I have a mac and I have observed the same behaviour as the OP.

I also have never been able to get past the login as pictured in his samples.

I know the username and password are correct although I have tried every combo of Uppercase, lowercase, etc. just in case.  I have tried through several firmware updates and still the same.

So I do not put anything on there that is not already backed up somewhere else, and I ignore this feature, as I do the sleep feature and several other features that I either do not need or seem to have recurring problems.

I assumed it was something in my router I had done to keep this from working.

It is behind the same router as my mac, on the same local subnet and should not be an issue.

Yes, using non DHCP address.

I can live without it on my setup.

For others, however,  it may be of prime importance.

I don’t understand the issue. Is there a drive on the network where you want to create a safepoint or is it on the Mac? I have a USB drive connected to my Asus router and have no safepoint issues. I ensure both the router USB settings and Mac have the same workgroup setting, along with the MyCloud, and I see the backup drive before any login.

I have the same issue as the OP but I don’t care because, as whsbuss suggests, I use a USB disk attached to the NAS to do the safepoint.

If I wanted to store the safepoint on my mac, for example, I couldn’t. The shares are not discoverd. Not a problem for shares of Windows computers. I assumed it was an SMB protocol issue,. so I adjusted the file sharing settings accordingly to no effect.

Hi, Has anyone managed to resolve this issue? I too am unable to login into my SMB drive via a mac, and i am sure of the login as i have tried and disabled it and tried it, to no luck

Any help on this would be appreciated.

Any fix on this yet?  I only get the Back or Cancel.

No luck unfortunately, neither WD nor other users have been able to sort this out thus the backup image of the cloud never happens. I also often get connectivity issues while doing time machine backups so overall not too pleased with this product.

I am on a Windows machine, and  have a USB drive attached to my computer. WD sees the share but attempting to login (there is no login) always fails and cannot create a safepoint.