My Cloud attached USB Device Memory

My Passport 2TB is connected to USB port on back of My Cloud hard drive. In My Cloud Dash Board it reads 2TB but in my PC file explorer it shows 38.3MB and when I try to use it from my My PC File Explorer it shows not enough memory. How can I get my File Explorer to show more memory or recognize more memory. I have it mapped out and assigned W: drive. Here is a picture of what it looks like.

Okay I finally figured it out, download WD Quick Fomatting.exe from [] and reformat My Passport with WD Formatting.exe only, Easus Partitioning didn’t work for this particular job. Also using this program also adds the File Trash Can onto the hard drive.

Reconnect My Passport to My Cloud USB port and the hard drive will now show the right memory and will accept files as it is supposed to.

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