My Cloud App Preventing Entering Of User Name


Updated firmware to 2.31.149 today and then the desktop app MyCloud%20Login asked me to sign in, It called for the network login with email and then listed me EX4100 I tried to login and the dialog box will not allow me to enter my user name, when I click on it the box turns blue and doesn’t allow me to enter the user name, It does allow for the password which does not work on it’s own. I uninstalled My Cloud and reinstalled it to no avail![


@Wayne_Hughes The old My Cloud Desktop App for Windows and macOS was:

  • End of Life with the last release on 2/23/2016
  • Is not supported on Windows 10
  • Is not supported on anything higher than macOS 10.10
  • is not guaranteed to work with any My Cloud firmware released after 2/23/2016


Since yesterday 14 nov 2018 and after firmware update 13 nov I can’tn’t access my EX 4100 any more with the WS mycloud app. Asking name (which i can’t fill in, is blue) and a password (nor the admin nor the WD service password works). Accessing the MybookLive Duo hasn’t become a problem. I suppose a firmware update bug.
What is the solution ?