My Cloud app not backing up automatically

I have the PR4100 and already set-up different users for the different family members. After that, I installed the Mycloud app on each mobile phone with their respective users and configured the automatic gallery backup against the NAS specifying 3 minutes as auto sync interval.

What I have seen are two issues:

  • All of them start syncing normally on their specified folders but it is [Deleted] slow. One of the phones (grandma…) has 16GB of pics and videos and could take months for it to sync. Looks even to stall.
  • MyCloud app doesn’t start automatically (at least in Android) so when restarting the phone if you don’t manually launch the app in two-weeks time then no photo will sync.

Is that the correct behavior?

Perhaps it would be best to contact WD Support about this. You can do so in the following link:

Try to provide as many details as possible related to the issue at hand. They may request additional information if needed.

Finally found a workaround by just downloading an android app which auto-starts on boot the Mycloud app. Working now…slow but at least I have it always launched.