My Cloud App 4.4.1: Can't see smartware or timemachine shares

I agree with other users above that WD needs to provide at least a READ access to SmartWare.

Wow what a terrible idea, WD. You just removed the very reason I purchased a My Cloud Mirror.

I agree. The main purpose for me having the mycloud as thatI can remotely access the files backed up from my computer. Otherwise I would just back up to a USB drive and save myself a fortune. Please WD, at least give back READ only cloud access to the Smartware share.

One obvious solution is to stop using ‘SmartWare’, and start using a backup tool that allows you to specify where on your NAS you store your backup. Create a ‘Backup’ share (or one per device backed up), point the backup tool to it, and then make that share visible to cloud access.

Using non-proprietary tools has the advantages that a) they’re generally better than WD’s offerings, and b) your skills using them are transferable to other devices. You don not have to use WD’s tools with the MyCloud (I don’t use any, other than the mobile apps).

There are free backup tools. I use FreeFileSync. There are others; get googling.