My Cloud and Network Storage

I have a My Cloud personal storage device. I have 3 desktops and a laptop that is backed up to this device.

However, I would like a device where all devices can store data and the individual computers only have the OS and programs installed. I would like to be able to access the files from any computer/laptop/tablet. And, have that storage device connected to the My Cloud which would give me access to any of the files created on either device when I am away from home. I do not want to have to search each device looking for a file.

How is this done? One central location where all files are saved and access to that central location from any internet enabled device? I currently have Dropbox but it takes up space on all computers and you can only retrieve files that were created on the individual computer. For example, if I create a document on the laptop and save it to Dropbox. That file is not seen in Dropbox of the other computers. So you have to keep track of where you created each individual file, this is somewhat problematic.

What I want is all of my files saved in on central location regardless of the device used to create it. And, for that device to be accessible via My Cloud app.

Can you help?

Hello eclark,

You can just simply login to using your credentials from any device. My will acts as a location where you can see all the files uploaded from your different computer/mobile devices.

Also, you can install the my cloud application on your phone (IOS/Android) and have access to your files.