My Cloud and My Cloud Home - Stop to work - how to access the data?

Hi Guys,

I need some help.

Both of my Cloud devices died, one does not turn on at all and the other one is with a permanent red light even after reboot.

It Did not fell and I was able to connect the one that is not turning on by using an USB Sata Adapter.

I need help to copy all my photos and videos somewhere else. It looks like is cryptographed. Is it possible?

I was able to use UFS Explorer Pro to read and copy deleted lose photos and videos, however it is in very low resolution.

Help is very welcome.

Could this script be a solution?

Hi Roddy,
I face the same issue and expect answers from WD (i sacrificed a few virgin to his effect so I have some hope).
In the meantime I wanted to try other solution (no recovery professionnal where I live) so I was thinking on UFS Explorer pro, except photos and video, did it do the job for you?