My cloud and kodi

Recently my videos and I have been playing on Kodi from my cloud keep turning of every 10-20 minutes and taking back to the library,this just started happening and I can’t seem to find out why,my videos are added to Kodi through SMB.
Please any help ?

More information is needed. What device is running Kodi? How is Kodi connected to the local network? Is the My Cloud connected to a gigabit router/switch? If you use another device to play video from the My Cloud does it exhibit the same problem?

The device is a shield tv which is connected wirelessly, I tried playing a file on my Samsung phone and it did not turn off.
My cloud is connected to the router via a ethernet which I believe is gigabit.
Kodi is connected to my cloud via ftp

That could very well be your problem. You should be using SMB (Samba). The followiong website/page may help (if you haven’t seen it already).

I am using samba,I’ve tried using it on Kodi and sbmc and both keep timming out at around 20 mins or so,so frustrating,I’m not sure what else to try.There must be a reason why it does this on every file I’ve tried,it was fine a week ago then it just started.
I have not changed any settings or installed anything new.

Reboot all devices involved.

I have done this,even factory reset my shield tv but has made no difference