My Cloud and EX2 Backup Interface

My first post hope someone can reply or some Genius in WD can. How on earth you make a donkey and a horse but both feeding on different feed??!!!

Just got My Cloud 3TB a week out of impulsed, did not do my homework well enough. Kind of regretted.

Today I decided on EX2 diskless just for Raid 1 usage. My Cloud will then be used in the Pub with Virtual DJ and was hoping that I can use EX2 as backup and sync with My Cloud from home. Then I just found out My Cloud and EX2 are “Tales of 2 Cities” …WTH!!

I have done researching and found out there is no way these 2 can be remotely backup except manually.

I know this question is a repetition but does anyone has a brilliant answer how I can backup or sync these 2 device remotely in anyway. It really sux to know why WD has build such interface. Frankly I find WD My Cloud is no difference to My Book but I have never expect it to be that way. I can’t allow 60,000 songs to be vanished due to unforseen.

Just hope someone has an answer, thanks in advance


I have not tried this, however lets see if another user has been able to do this and can share some tips and information on this matter.

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