My Cloud accessible but cannot be discovered by WD software'

I am only using windows network share to access My Cloud. Recently, I upgraded My Cloud firmware to the latest and tried to install newly supported WD Sync software, but it could not find My Cloud drive. The I tried to install other WD apps (WD Discovery, WD SmartShare), neither of them can discover the MyCloud drive in my home LAN. I also tried to turn off windows firewall, same issue.

However I still can access the drive from Web UI and windows explorer network drive mappings. Can anyone know what the problem cause is? How to fix it?

update: I am using windows 8.1 pro, without any antivirus programs

I have exactly the same issue, returned the original Mycloud box as faulty, it clearly wasn’t. The device is visible to both of my computers wired and wifi via the windows explore including mapped drives, My WD Desktop shows the system capacity, number of users etc.
WD Quick View only shows the about screen and WD Smartware shows only dropbox and a wd hard drive.
Is this a Windows 10 Security Issue

What operating system are you using? Windows 10? If so people are experiencing issues with Windows 10, especially after upgrading to Windows 10 from prior versions of Windows. See the following thread for potential solutions to My Cloud access problems while using Windows 10.

I’m using windows 8.1 pro, without any antivirus programs, only built-in firewall enabled.

I have no idea what’s going on in W10, the WD app is not discovering the unit and my PC is in the Private Network Ethernet with Network Discovery activated.

Can you access the My Cloud Dashboard?
Have you checked the router to see what IP Address it is handing out to the My Cloud?
Can you access the My Cloud using the My Cloud IP Address either in a web browser (Dashboard) or Windows File Explorer/Mac Finder?

Yes, everything is OK. It’s just the app for Windows 10 that is unable to communicate.

I’ve tried installing and running the app from a different computer in the network but it’s not working either.