My Cloud 4TB Wifi Storage wont connect/recognise via USB

Hi All
I am new to all this…
I bought a brand new My Cloud 4TB wifi Storage, installed WD Software, uploaded music. Works over wifi.
Then accidentally deleted a music folder and there does not seem to be any way of un-deleting/recovering the mistakenly deleted file.
More concerning is the USB 3 claim, I have connected it to several laptops and pc systems and the USB does not recognise the drive in My Computer.
Any Help appreciated, as I feel you should be able to access via USB, as to load tracks over wifi is a lot slower than usb3.
Any assistance in recovering deleted data is also appreciated as tried seveal un-delete programs and none of them work.
Please Help, thanks…

MyCloud itself doesn’t support WiFi. You must be accessing via your WiFi router.

If you want better speeds than WiFi offers, connect to your router via gigabit Ethernet. The MyCloud is a network attached storage device, not a USB HDD.

The USB port is for connecting additional USB HDD to expand the storage or do backups. It is a USB master socket, not a slave, and therefore does not allow access via the USB.

thanks, so if i were to plug a new usb drive into it, will it allow backups to and from the NAS via usb, would it show up in my computer/how is this done?

Yes, you can move files to/from any drive connected to the MC. When connected they will appear as a new share.

Oh yes, the deleted data: it’s gone.

The MyCloud is a file server (essentially, a computer in its own right, with a large data store that it makes available to devices that connect to it, using an appropriate file server protocol), not a disk drive, so the file system is not directly visible to your PC or any file recovery system running on the PC.

The only way you might recover files would be to run a file recovery program on the MyCloud Linux OS itself.

Can you advise the procedure/steps of how to:
run a file recovery program on the MyCloud Linux OS??

Sorry, I have no experience of such tools.