My Cloud 4Tb Keeps disconnecting from network

New 4Tb MyCloud connects, gets very hot to the touch, disconnects from network. I unplug and let it cool off. It will reconnect until it gets hot and the cycle repeats.

The Firmware version is: v03.01.04-139 as originally purchased.

Is it possible that the issue is heat related? The device gets very hot to the touch after it has been in use for a few minutes. It appears to timeout/shutdown. If i unplug and let it cool off, plug back in, it will boot up and become available. The cycle is repeatable.

I have the device on the top of my desk with clear access all around, no other heat creating devices are close to it.

I have attempted to upgrade to the current firmware version (03.03.02-165) from a cold start (off overnight) but get a timeout error at 16:01 minutes (370008). I cannot get the upgrade to finish before it cycles itself off. The device is very hot to the touch and I suspect a simple cooling issue. The unit depends on natural convection and I am guessing it just can’t handle the heat issue.

I have read many posts on upgrades/static IP/etc. Anyone have any thoughts on heat and overtemp issues? 

@ Dale1,

It should not get very hot. It stays lukewarm. So something is wrong.