My Cloud 4TB device constantly rebooting

I’ve got a 4TB My Ckloud devcice that has worked well for the past 4 years. I recently had to shut it down as I moved. When I powered it up in my new location, I was prompted to upgrade the firmware to v04.04.05-101. I did this but now my drive is constantly rebooting. it happens 6-10 times per day. When I check the status of the drive, it usually states that it is either “Rebuilding” or “Scanning” I’ve attempted sending the logs to WD, but have received, no response. It’s out of warranty so I’m not sure where to turn. I don’t know where to look in the system report file to figure out what is happening. Is anyone able to look at my system report and figure out what is happening? I’m a new user here so I can’t attach the file here.

I did just notice one file named forked-daapd.log which has the following in it:
[2017-01-21 12:50:43] main: Forked Media Server Version 0.19 taking off
[2017-01-21 12:57:01] db: ANALYZE failed: step failed: database disk image is malformed
[2017-01-21 12:57:03] db: Query error: step failed: database disk image is malformed
[2017-01-21 12:57:03] scan: Error: could not clear old watches from DB
[2017-01-21 12:57:03] main: Init completed

Not sure if this has anything to do with it or not.

daapd is the iTunes server. So if you’re not using it, you can try disabling it on the dashboard.

Hi mmantei
Just a hint… I had the same problem after upgrading firmware. But I did one more thing, I downloaded two new tools that looked to be for the MyCloud; WD Access and WD Sync. I uninstalled them and now the unit works good again.


I didn’t install any other software, just the firmware.

I’ve disabled the iTunes functionality, but that doesn’t seem like it would be the problem. Any suggestions as to where to check in the logs to figure out the real problem?