My cloud 4tb blue light flashing

can anyone help my Cloud 4tb, its blue light flashes continuously. when i switch the drive on it momentarily flashes white then red then flashes blue. it cannot be seen either from PC or via Dashboard.
any ideas?

Could be a number of things.

Usually, blinking blue like that means that the firmware is not loaded properly. The firmware is actually loaded from the disk drive (and not from a flash partition in the system board). Since it is not flashing red, that means the boot loader has found uBoot images for kernel and ramdisk, but the stuck at flashing blue suggests that said kernel and ramdisk cannot complete bootup.

There could be any number of reasons for that.

If it were my NAS, I would boot Fox_Exe’s emergency firmware from a USB stick, and then investigate further— but that is not a path for the beginner. (You need to be pretty comfortable with a linux command prompt, because that is all it gives you.)