My Cloud 4T shared folder removed


due to a disaster (don’t ask me, please) the main common shared folder has been removed, is there a way recover all the included files?
I tried via FTP but I can see only the existing shared folders, no way at all, no tools, no chance to browse the entire HDD?

Thank you

regards, ciao


Hello, the best solution I can provide is enable SSH on the drive and use WinSCP to check on the file structure and see if under /shares you are able to see that folder, if not you will need to a professional data recovery company to have them recovery your data for you.

Thank you lluna, that is what I have done, used winscp to browse the entire disk, nothing to see, unfortunately. I wonder if it could be useful to re-create a new shared folder with the same name but I have the fear all is completely lost.