My cloud 3tb

hi all…recently purchased my cloud 3tb…well impressed with it…need help with a few point,s though…

1…when i first installed all software i kept getting windows explorer crashes whenever cloud was open…uninstalled all software…re-installed all relevent software…problem solved, however now i get the security certificate warning EVERY time i open my cloud which i did,nt before, is there any way of stopping this?

2…im thinking of adding a my book 3tb to increase the storage on my cloud, is this going to be a problem?..thank,s in advance, Graham.

is it a secret?:smiley:

Bit quiet around these parts right now. Sorry I can’t help much. Have you gone into Internet explorer/internet settings/security/list as a trusted site at all?

hi fleetdive…thank,s for reply, actually using firefox but i see where your coming from…many thank,s…Graham.

Is there a similar setting in Firefox graham?

To be honest I haven’t found one…only started showing the certificate warning repeatedly after re-installing software…very strange…