My Cloud 3 Tb home network

I have a very basic question - all the videos on the wd website detail how my cloud allows you to access data anywhere using the internet.  I want to know whether my cloud also works on a home wifi network without using a broadband internet connection.

Can I access the media content stored on my cloud on my tv (lg 42 inches LM), my ipad, iphone and galaxy note 2 on my home wifi network even if the broadband internet connection is non functional ?

Many thanks for answering 

Absolutely. When you are on the local network, all the mobiles apps will see your device on the local network and you are set.

Also, on the local network, don’t use the WD Desktop app. Just mapp the WD My Cloud shares to local drives on your computer. Much faster. This way, the content on the NAS appear to be local to the computer.