My Bookworld, purchased around 2008, does not work on Windows 10

For years, I used My Bookworld, to store pictures, documents and videos without a problem. In April 2015, I purchased a new computer with Windows 7, and I was still able to access My Bookworld to upload many but not all my files to the new PC. When I recently upgraded this very same PC to Windows 10, I could no longer access my files on the External Hard Drive. Recently, we upgraded our home network with a new password, which has complicated the issue even further. I downloaded the User Manual, but it is outdated and gives no advice about Windows 10 compatibility.

I would appreciate any advice. I would be happy to transfer all my precious files to a more modern storage device if I could only access them.

Hi, have you tried to manually map the drive? Are you able to ping the hard drive? How is the LED in the front behaving?

No, I couldn’t even get far enough to do any mapping. I kept getting the Twonky website without being able to just view my data on the drive. When I was still trying to access the drive, the LED was flashing (moving up and down) rather quickly. Recently, we got a new modem to enhance our home network, the LED on the drive is just lit up–no flashing at all.

Hello, I would suggest you to contact WD Support and see if they have any information on how to resolve this.

Thank you, I’ll do that. I also still have the old computer. Perhaps I will hook up the equipment and attempt to retrieve the files. I was hoping that the drive itself would be usable with my new system, but I may have to buy a new external hard drive. This does NOT make me a happy camper.