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Hopefully someone out there may be able to help.

We recently had some power outages over the weekend, I had to reset the unit after the drives were not displaying once power had come back on.

At this time it appeared to re-map ok.

I’ve now noticed that Drive 1 is completely empty as if it had been recently formatted. 1TB of files gone

Since it’s been discovered I have no written to the hard drive - it’s only been remapped.

Is there any way to recover or see if the data is still accessible without having to physically remove the internal drive as I’m on a laptop without the means to connect it this way?


Correction…turns out it was actually Drive 2 - USB add on which has been erased.

Currently trying to run data recovery software but no discovery yet

Data recovery will depend on the RAID array you were running. I’d also recommend using Linux since it will be able to read the file system used by the internal disk drives, which is EXT3.