My Book World White light, folder disppeared

I have had the 1tb white light version of my book world for probably a couple of years. Sometime in the last fortnight one entire folder and contents have disappeared. I’ve only noticed today when I went to load a document from it.  It’s the folder most of my packages are defaulted to save to, and it’s gone, and everything in it is gone :cry:

I’ve checked hidden folders and nothing shows, and in fact the data capacity doesn’t tie up with it being there at all (I can account for about 67 GB usage and it’s saying 858GB free - I assume approx a 930GB capacity for a 1tb drive???)

i am the only person with access to it and i definitely haven’t deleted it or moved it. Is there anyone who might know what happened and whether there is any chance of recovery. I’m not hugely technically able!  It’s not worth spending a lot of money to get it checked over, but it is a royal pain in the rear if I can’t get back the documents.  More importantly I’d like to understand what might have happened so I can stop it happening again.

Thanks for any help

There is chance that the data on the drive is partially corrrupted, causing the folder to dissapear.  You can try a reset, by holding its reset button for 20 seconds.  If the folder does not reappear, and the data is critical, you may take it to a data recovery company, then resett it to Factory Defaults.