My Book World Edition (White light) - Meadia Server default User & Password

Hello all

I know that this is a very old system. Actually this was my first attempt to a ‘NAS’.

I decided to take it out of storge because i need an additional space to store my important documents.

As many of individuals in this forum have lost/forgotten the UID and passod. I sadly say this happend to me.

In trolling the forum I found my alternative solutions. I tried them all

My issue is i cannot get this unit to reset.
I pressed the reset button fron 4 to over 10 seconds; to no avail
i pressed the reset button 4 times to no avail
I pressed the reset button and rebooted to no avail
I did the above rebooted and turned on the unit no joy
i did the reset as above after a reboot
i pressed the reset button and the turn on button to no avail
each time i insert admin and 123456
i get an message telling me that the UID and password is incorect

what else can i do?

thank you in advance for your time and assistance

Hi @wbravin,

Please contact the WD Technical Support team for the best assistance and troubleshooting:

I will endeavor to figure it out for extra.