My Book World Edition II slow. 14 KB/s transfer rates

I just bought a my book world edition II (WDH2NC20000N).  When I transfer files to it over my 100MB network I’m only getting about 14-18KB/s transfer speeds.  I’ve tried over ssh (scp) and apple file share.  I upgraded to the lastest firmware.

Do I have a faulty device or is there something I can do to speed it up?


Guess you’re using mac?

Have you tried differences between wired and WiFi. I don’t know why, but the wireless transfers have gone ape**bleep** lately. I’m facing extremely many issues from both PC and Mac when transferring files over WiFi.

Wired I usually get about 2 Mbits/s writing and around 10 Mbit/s reading. Wireless, well lets just say I given up on uploading files over the WiFi. That ol’ dog don’t hunt no more!

// Gus

I switched the network cable.  Now I’m getting about 2MB/s.  I guess that’s par for the course.