My Book World Edition II - automount on reboot somehow?

Caveat: My apologies if this is a frequently asked question. I’ve looked at the manual and searched here and didn’t find it.

I have a My Book World Edition II - 2 TB drive attached to a wireless router via an ethernet cable.  The drive is setup in a mirror RAID configuration and works fine but there are a couple of things I can’t locate.  I’m using the drive as a dasd extention for daily data access, not a backup medium.

  1. is it necessary to defrag the drives somehow periodically? 

  2. when I reboot either laptop (both windows 7 x64) the drive letter assignments on the WB show on the laptops but are not

accessable until I try and access them.  Then a user/password prompt comes up, I enter usr/pw and the drives mount to     

laptops and work fine.   I do have multiple users defined to the WB.  Is there a way to have to drives mount automatically when the laptops reboot? 

Again, my apologies if I should of been able to find the information.


Thread moved into the Other Network Drives board as it is the most appropriate for the WD My Book World Edition II.


Thanks Trancer.  Sorry I put it in the wrong place.