My Book World Edition II and Time Capsule

I recently swapped out a Cisco Wireless Router which was connected to my WDMBWEII and handling my time machine backups to a Time Capsule 1TB connected via ethernet to the WDMBWEII.  I tried to originally use the USB to USB connection but the Time Capsule did not recognize the drive as and external drive. 

I am now able to see the WDMBWEII and able to access through both Finder and Bonjour.  

What I am attempting to do is to configure the WDMBWEDII so that it backs up the data on the Time Capsule using the RAID configuration in Mirror Mode. 

I am not sure how to go about doing this and have not found any documentation to support doing this.  Has anybody setup their WDMBWEII to a Time Capsule to do automated backups?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Check the apple forums as this is not the standard use for MBW II

you can backup the Mac but not sure about the Time Capsule

Looking on Apple as well and haven’t found anything.  Doesn’t seem like many people bought this drive.  Suspect the price was cost prohibitive.

But isn’t there a means to tell the WD on board software to back up something it is directly connected to?

I have to assume so.