My Book World Edition Home Network Drive 1 TB, Ethernet help

I have used this drive with much succes for about 6 months.  Yesterday I went to use it as always and it told me can’t find file name doesn’t exist.  the only thing that has happened in the last 24 hours is i installed air video to stream items to my ipad, also had to install bonjour to run it.  we also had a power outage the same night.  I am running vista and where the icons are in my computer there is now red X’s by them.  What happened?  when i try to rename the drives in the discovery tool it will not let me.  I don’t want to reformat because i will loose approx. 500gigs.  Please help.


Sounds like the new install or power outage corrupted something.


I have uninstalled both programs still nothing.  what would be the best advice i tried all new cords to.