My Book World Edition has White Light Frozen at Bottom Quarter, Unavailable over the Network


My MyBook World Edition (White Light) has stopped working. Even though it’s connected to power and to my home network it does not respond either as a network drive or through the web admin interface. My router does not seem to assign a DHCP address to it or even recognize that it is connected to it.

The white light at the front remains permanently lit at the bottom quarter as if indicating that the device is powering up (?). It does not flash or change.

I am also unable to turn the device off by clicking the power button at the back. I can only turn it off by pulling the power cord out.

I’ve replaced the network cable to no avail. I’ve performed a “soft” reset - without any effect. The only good sign is that I can still hear the drive spinning inside. I think :).

Can anyone tell me what’s wrong with my unit and how to fix it?



I have the same problem. Any solution to this problem?  Do share 

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I have the same problem see my thread (My book white light locking up) and also there is a thread that has been running for year, there is no cure this problem so far. So you are not alone. M

Thanks Jeff and Morphy.

I’ve gone over the existing threads. In my case the issue is persistent - No matter what I do the unit is stuck having the white light at the bottom quarter of the strip.

I’ve crossposted the issue in a few other forums and the suggestion I received there was that I open the unit up, extract the HDD and reattach it to a linux computer from which I will be able to recover my files. After which I might be able to reinstall the MBWE OS on the HDD and bring it back to its original functioning mode.

The problem is that this will void my warranty. I am really looking to WD to help me revive my unit and not lose my data without violating the warranty.



thanks for the links… extracting the HDD looks easy But the data recovery on the LINUX look hard . i went to   and still got no idea what they are talking about?

Shouldnt WD help us on this since my product is still under warranty? Even if i do recover my data , i might be switching to other NAS like buffalo etc

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Has anyone used this tool to unbrick your Mybook World White Light 1TB


Same issue here. I shut mine down via the Web Admin no it wont boot up again. The biggest issue is to fix it you have to void your warranty by opening up the unit. Very Frustrating. Would be great if there was a way to make a USB boot drive with recovery options.

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