My Book World Edition- Full removal of WD Anywhere Backup Software


I have a My Book World Edition and am using this on a MacBook Pro. I originally installed the WD disc that came with the unit. However, I am now using Time Machine to manage my backups and would like to remove this software. Unfortunately, I deleted the software to my trash can. Now, I am still left with the WD icon Anywhere Backup on the top right of my screen. This is non-functional and I really want to get rid of this. 

I tried to re-install the software and then do a correct uninstall. However, this was unsuccessful as I was using a newer version of the software. As a result, when I try to use the downloads on the WD site, I am told that I cannot use an older version (even though it is the one identical to what I had been using).

Any help would be appreciated.

Here are the proper instructions on properly unistalling anywhere backup

Unfortunately that will not work as I deleted the program and therefore dont see any of the options mentioned.

Any other ideas?